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Rose in Vogue Decant

The fragrance emphasizes on agarwood (oud), Bulgarian and Turkish rose, violet, benzoin, and vanilla.

HEADNOTES  : Violet Heart.

MIDDLE NOTES  : Laotian oud, Bulgarian rose, and Turkish rose.

BASE NOTES  : Vanilla and Amber.


Wicked Raspberries Decant

A powerful and enigmatic fragrance with fresh fruits & floral and soothing sandalwood and white musk.

HEAD NOTES  :Citrus Raspberry and Nectarine.

MIDDLE NOTES  :Mango Rose and Lotus.

BASE NOTES  :Coconut Musk and Sandalwood.


Sensual Oud Decant

A rare and precious discovery from the depths of the oceans.

HEADNOTES  :Bergamot Ozonic Aldehydic.

MIDDLE NOTES  :Bergamot Ozonic Aldehydic.

BASE NOTES  : Ambergris Musk Oud.


Opulent Saffron Decant

With flirty Jasmine and authentic saffron, a high-end sugar sensation creation.

HEAD NOTES  : Jasmine and Saffron.

MIDDLE NOTES  :Amberwood.

BASE NOTES  : Fir Resin and Cedar.


Mysterious Amber Decant

A sensual perfume with a rich depth of florals and a sense of lingering rose.

HEAD NOTES  :Red Fruits Pink Musk.


BASE NOTES  : Amber Musk Sandalwood.


Delish Rose Decant

An alluring Fragrance with roses that will leave you mesmerized.

HEAD NOTES  :Fresh Lemon of Calabria.

MIDDLE NOTES  : Turkish delight with Rose.

BASE NOTES  : Cedarwood, Intense Vanilla & White Musk.


Bewitching Cinnamon Decant

A powerful and charismatic fragrance with aromatic floral and precious amber & musk notes.

HEAD NOTES  : Cinnamon and Spicy.

MIDDLE NOTES  : Patchouli, Rose, and Incense.

BASE NOTES  : Amber, Balsamic and Musk.


Adorable Vanilla Decant

A sweet Fragrance with hints of the tropics.

HEAD NOTES  : Coconut, White Peach.

MIDDLE NOTES  : Ylang-Ylang, Tiare Flowers & Egyptian Jasmine.

BASE NOTES  : Woody Notes, Vanilla Pods from Madagascar & Sensual White Musk.


Spanish Strawberry Decant

HEAD NOTE: Red Apple, luscious wild strawberry from Spain and tangy black currant

MIDDLE NOTE: intoxicating freesia

BASE NOTE: nostalgic floral element of sweet pea.


Russian Blackcurrant Decant

HEAD NOTE: Bergamot, blackcurrant, coconut,

MIDDLE NOTE: white peach, rose, violet,

BASE NOTE: jasmine, vanilla, white musk


Japanese Flora Decant

HEAD NOTE: Blackcurrant, Green Mandarin.

MIDDLE NOTE: neroli, patchouli, oakmoss.

BASE NOTE: rose, vanilla, white musk.


Indonesian Pepper Decant

HEAD NOTE: Sicilian Lemon, Pink Pepper, Black Pepper,

MIDDLE NOTE: Floral Notes, Agarwood, Cedar,

BASE NOTE: Amber, Oakmos, White Musk