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Vicious Leather Decant

A powerful and charismatic fragrance with aromatic floral and expensive saffron notes.

HEAD NOTES  : Bergamot from Sicily.

MIDDLE NOTES  :Bulgarian Rose, Violet, Leaves of Patchouli.

BASE NOTES  :Amber, Intense Leather, Oakmoss & Woody Notes.


Smokin Hot Decant

A scent made with bliss and greens of Tobacco.

HEAD NOTES  : Tobacco, Green.

MIDDLE NOTES  : Cannabis, Coffee, Woodsy notes and Resins.

BASE NOTES  : Oud, Incense.


Exotic Cardamom Decant

An Exotic Fragrance with hints cardamom and leather.

HEAD NOTES  : Bergamot, Saffron, Cumin.

MIDDLE NOTES  :Geranium, Cardamom, Leather.

BASE NOTES  :Oud, Patchouli, Vetiver, Musk.


Dapper Vetiver Decant

A contrasting blend of delicate & frozen accords.

HEAD NOTES  : Bergamot and Pink Pepper.

MIDDLE NOTES  : Vetiver Oud Jasmine.

BASE NOTES  : Sandalwood Ambergris and Musk.



Majestic Amber Decant

A powerful and royal fragrance with a woodsy, spicy and zesty touch.

TOP NOTES: Black Cardamom, White Pepper, Geranium Egypt

MIDDLE NOTES: Cedarwood Virginia, Turkish Rose, Indian Papyrus, Frankincense

BASE NOTES: Hinoki Wood, Mysore Sandalwood, Cistus Absolute, Cambodian Oud


Imperial Ban timmur Decant

 Unique blend of Spicy, Woody and Aromatic Fragrance

TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Ban Timmur

MIDDLE NOTES: Rum, Carrot Seeds, Wild Fig

BASE NOTES: Tonka Bean, Cashmere Woods


Tipsy Rum Decant

A medley of rum, coffee, and cyanide.

HEAD NOTE: Rum, Sugar cane, Dark chocolate.

MIDDLE NOTE: Coffee, Caramel, Almond, Heliotrope.

BASE NOTE: Sandalwood.


Sensual Oud Decant

A rare and precious discovery from the depths of the oceans.

HEADNOTES  :Bergamot Ozonic Aldehydic.

MIDDLE NOTES  :Bergamot Ozonic Aldehydic.

BASE NOTES  : Ambergris Musk Oud.


Opulent Saffron Decant

With flirty Jasmine and authentic saffron, a high-end sugar sensation creation.

HEAD NOTES  : Jasmine and Saffron.

MIDDLE NOTES  :Amberwood.

BASE NOTES  : Fir Resin and Cedar.


Mafioso Tobacco Decant

A majestic blend of Oud and a touch of Arabic Tobacco.

HEAD NOTES  :Whiskey.

MIDDLE NOTES  : Cinnamon and spicy notes.

BASE NOTES  : Agarwood, Tobacco, Sandalwood, and Patchouli.


Bewitching Cinnamon Decant

A powerful and charismatic fragrance with aromatic floral and precious amber & musk notes.

HEAD NOTES  : Cinnamon and Spicy.

MIDDLE NOTES  : Patchouli, Rose, and Incense.

BASE NOTES  : Amber, Balsamic and Musk.


Madagascar Vanilla Decant

HEAD NOTES: Agarwood (Oud), Saffron, Black Pepper, and Cardamom.

MIDDLE NOTES: Floral Notes, Vanilla.

BASE NOTES: Guaiac Wood and Sandalwood.