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About Nefarious Perfumes
Nefarious is the brand that indulges you to present your best self. Nefarious understand how unique you are and we have created scents that highlight your personality and multiply your charm. We believe you deserve to wear nothing but the best fragrance, and that is exactly what we have crafted for you.
Perfumes have been an integral part of self-grooming for eons now. In fact, the pleasant scents were treated as a precious offering by Egyptians to their God named, ‘Nefertem.’ Inspired by the exquisite history of perfumes comes a unique concept of a fragrance called Nefarious.
It combines the sense of smell, ebullience, and unmatched elegance. Nefarious bring the limelight to you by cutting right through the sea of existing brands that offer ordinary scents & monotonous chains.


What clients say?


Megha Srivastava

I absolutely love my perfume and delivery was quick!!!! Thank you !

Rahul Saxena

I loved the Sensual Oud in particular! Responsive and reliable customer service

Anshul Verma

Amazing perfumes. Long-lasting and widespread fragrances! 10/10.



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